School reporting structures

School reporting structures vary depending on whether they are a maintained school, academy or independent school. They also vary depending on which part of the United Kingdom you live in. 

All schools should have a complaints procedure on their website or available on request from the school office. Follow their complaints procedure step-by-step.

If you need to escalate a complaint, this is where to go next.

State schools

Maintained: Board of Governors

Make a complaint in writing to the school’s governors explaining what has happened and what steps you have taken to resolve the problem. The school office is required to provide you with contact details for governors..

Academies: Panel

Make a complaint in writing to the academy trust, and allow for a panel hearing to be set up by the academy trust when the parent is not satisfied with the outcome of the written complaint. The panel must include at least three people who are not involved in matters detailed in the complaint. One member of the panel must be independent of the management and running of the school.

What next?

In England...

For both state schools and academies, once this process has been exhausted parents can complain to the Department for Education via their Complain About A School form.

Your complaint should set out the facts, and explain why the school or college’s formal complaint procedure failed to resolve matters. You should explain why the school or college’s actions are unreasonable or unlawful. You should also provide evidence, including copies of any letters or emails which show what has happened.

If you believe the issue is affecting the whole school, with numerous pupils being bullied or a safeguarding concern which affects many pupils, you can complain to Ofsted.

You may also wish to contact local MP; find their contact details at

In Wales...

Once you have exhausted the school complaints procedures you can make contact with your local authority. You may also wish to contact the Office of the Children's Commissioner for Wales for advice. 

For more details see Complaints Procedures for School Governing Bodies in Wales

Independent schools

Check your school’s complaints procedure. Look through your contract with the school to see whether the school has breached any of the terms. You may need to consult a solicitor specialising in contract law.

Once all options have been exhausted, contact the Independent Schools Inspectorate. You can also complain to the Department for Education if you believe the problem to be school-wide.

Parent Advice Line

Guidance and support for parents and carers 

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Kidscape log and school contact record

The Kidscape log and school contact record is a simple way to promote open communication with the school and ensure that each bullying incident is recorded.


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