Impact of our work

There are three main categories under which we measure the impact of our work:

  1. Recognising and responding to bullying behaviours
  2. Supporting resilience and wellbeing
  3. Building communities of support

In 2018-19 we worked directly with:

  • 4,100 children and young people
  • 398 parents and carers
  • 3,000+ professionals

Recognising and responding to bullying behaviours

"Since I attended this workshop everything has got better for me. I have shared the techniques with my bullied friends and it has worked for them as well." - ZAP workshop attendee

After bullying awareness lessons for children:

  • 93% said they knew more about bullying
  • 89% said they felt more able to help someone being bullied

After ZAP community workshops:

  • 68% of children said they were bullied less and more able to deal with bullying
  • 80% of children said they used the Kidscape tools in a bullying situation
"We are so very, very grateful for this workshop. It has made a real difference to our daughter. We believe she is more resilient and although the troublesome kids have not changed or gone away, she knows how to deal with them."
"I would recommend ZAP for other families."
"We found the workshop incredibly useful and extremely valuable. Every school should have these sessions as standard especially during Year 7."

Supporting resilience and wellbeing

"Jamie is much more confident and assertive. I no longer worry about sending him to school. He got an award for 100% attendance and another for resilience for what he has been through. I feel the school has finally realised what has been going on. I can’t praise you enough." - ZAP parent

Of children attending ZAP community workshops:

  • 76% children feel more positive about school life
  • 68% children participate more in class
  • 84% feel better about themselves
  • 76% children feel less stressed
  • 64% are sleeping better

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Of children attending RISE transition workshops:

  • 95% children feel more confident to move up to secondary school
  • 100% children feel more confident to make new friends
  • 95% children feel more confident to handle a bullying situation
  • 100% children feel more confident to ask for help

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One RISE parent said:

"I’ll start by explaining Harry’s experience at primary school. In his last year in primary he was suspended 5 times for fighting. He would explode with rage if anyone called him a name or upset him. He hated school, never had friends and home life suffered because of all of his anxieties about school. I was so scared as his mum about how school would be for him in secondary. I was scared of a permanent exclusion and the daily battles - that’s why I signed him up to RISE."

"I don’t know what magic you used but I can not believe the transformation! He has been confident to make friends and even started to leave the house to socialise. He tells me that some of the kids from primary he used to fight with still call him names or challenge him but he uses the strategies he has used in the session and this stops any conflict. Harry shows no sign that these children has upset him in any way. He has been school now for three weeks and he’s had no trouble at school, no detentions and no fights. This was totally unheard of in Harry’s school life! He keeps his handouts and often uses the skills he learned."

"I am so glad he attended the workshop as it has changed his mindset about everything related to school."

Building communities of support

"My child saw that there were others like him who were funny and articulate." - ZAP Community workshop

Of children attending ZAP community workshops:

  • 76% find it easier to talk to their friends
  • 72% find it easier to make new friends
  • 60% feel less lonely
  • 76% feel their parents/carers support them more

Of callers to the Parent Advice Line:

  • 92% agreed the adviser was helpful
  • 92% feel more confident addressing a bullying situation with the school
  • 100% would recommend the Parent Advice Line to a friend

Of parents and carers attending our ZAP community workshops:

  • 86% feel less alone
  • 55% have been able to communicate effectively with the school
"I felt that I had been listened to, which was incredibly important and a huge relief. I also knew that I was right to raise an issue with the school and as such, felt more confident in my dealings with them." - Parent Advice Line caller

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