'Why I love my natural red hair'

'Why I love my natural red hair' competition to win the Jack Brealey prize

Redhead specialists of the world, including Eastenders Jake Wood, will select ginger winners who show the world ‘why I love my natural red hair’.

In association between anti-bullying charity Kidscape and lifestyle website for redheads Ginger Parrot the Jack Brealey Redheads Prize will  empower redheads of all ages to show the world their ginger pride.

The competition’s theme is centred around ‘Why you love your natural red hair’, calling on redheads worldwide to celebrate their hair through art, whether that’s a painting, a song, a dance or piece of writing.

Natural redheads past and present may enter, with two categories open: one for under 18s and one for 18+, with a £250 top prize for each category. There will also be runners up prizes in each category.

Entries will be judged by a panel of ginger enthusiasts, which includes Eastenders actor Jake Wood, RED HOT photographer Thomas Knights, author Jacky Colliss Harvey, and Kidscape’s CEO Lauren Seager-Smith, with the winners announced on the Ginger Parrot website on Saturday 16 May 2020.

Jake Wood, Eastenders actor said:

"I’m really excited to take part in the judging panel. I believe it’s important to make sure redheads of all ages feel empowered to be loud and proud of their red hair, and using the arts is a great way to do that and to combat negativity around ginger hair."

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO Kidscape said:

‘Children and adults with red hair can be targets of bullying behavior and may find it hard to speak out or seek help. Through this competition we want to highlight the brilliance and beauty of red hair, and send the message that red hair is always to be celebrated.’


What is The Jack Brealey Redheads Prize?

The Jack Brealey Prize is named after the father of Dr Marc Brealey, who wanted to set up an arts competition in his father’s name.

Marc said of his father: “Jack was a professional artist, an art lecturer and keen motorcyclist. He often alluded to the fact that he felt self-conscious about having bright red hair – almost as if it were a bane. It saddened me somewhat to hear such a lovely man recall these experiences as if he were somehow outlandish – simply for having red hair.

“Thus, my ambition is that for those of you who had red hair given to you by nature should be rewarded and not punished – rewarded for having such a splendid manifestation bestowed upon you. As redheads you need to celebrate the fact that you are wonderful works of nature, something special, and in every case aesthetically pleasing. As redheads you are rare specimens, therefore you should regard yourselves as something exquisitely remarkable and beautiful – a unique gift bestowed upon the world by mother nature.”

Notes for editors

More information on how to enter: https://gingerparrot.co.uk/why-i-love-my-natural-red-hair-competition-jack-brealey-redheads-prize/

About Ginger Parrot

Ginger Parrot‘s beautiful, heartfelt story began in 2009.  Scarlett the Ginger Parrot was born in the form of a ginger website and finally there was a website for gingers, where redheads and redhead lovers can read about the latest red hair specific news, features and information, tailored to those who are like-minded and like-headed.

About Kidscape

Kidscape is the anti-bullying charity that helps. Founded in 1985 our mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives.  www.kidscape.org.uk

Please direct queries to Emma via info@redheaddayuk.co.uk

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