Being Me

Being Me

Being Me is a free anti-bullying classroom resource that seeks to celebrate difference and promote inclusion by giving young people in years 5-8 an invaluable insight into the potential challenges being faced by their peers.

Led by Kidscape, Being Me is the result of a partnership with four other charities: Carers Trust, Diversity Role Models, Potential Plus and The National Autistic Society. It offers young people five powerful diary entries and short stories that aim to raise awareness of bullying and give readers a greater understanding of what life is like for other children: life with autism; life as a young carer; life at the end of homophobic taunts, or life when you're the most able or gifted and ostracised as a result.

Through offering this series of 'day in the life' accounts, Being Me acts as an engaging platform to discuss difference and strengthen anti-bullying initiatives throughout the year. It is an ideal resource to be introduced to your school during Anti-Bullying Week, a national event that takes place annually in the third week of November with the purpose of bringing individuals, organisations and schools together to take a stand against bullying.

The full series is available and free to download below. For additional resources for professionals that will further engage students in anti-bullying awareness visit

For more information about the Being Me project, please read the full press release.

We would like to say thank you to journalist Jenny Hulme, who has worked in partnership with each charity to develop and produce the Being Me resource.

Being Me: Chapters 1-5

Download the full series (.pdf, 13.2mb)

Being Me - Kidscape

Being Me - Carers Trust

Being Me - Diversity Role Models

Being Me - Potential Plus

Being Me - The National Autistic Society

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